Struggling with money as a single parent

This is Ramona's story. A sad story with worrying financial consequences. And she's not the only one with such a story. In the Netherlands there are thousands of single women who take care of their children alone and, due to a combination of circumstances, no longer have a grip on their financial situation. Often shame causes the alarm to be sounded much too late.

Ramona stopped opening her mail. "All those bills and reminders gave me panic attacks because I knew I couldn't pay them."

“My name is Ramona (28 years old), single mother of two children. Things went badly wrong between me and the father of my children. He barely had time for me and the kids. The daily care and upbringing was on my plate. He cheated and I found out his new girlfriend was also pregnant. Every now and then he drops by, but there is no longer a relationship between us.”

Vicious circle

“My children are the most important thing in my life. My job as a mother is to make sure they have a good and safe life. They don’t know that I worry a lot. I have debts. I haven’t opened the mail for a long time. All those bills and reminders gave me panic attacks because I knew I couldn’t pay them. Then came the day that I received a letter from the bailiff stating that an eviction was scheduled in 3 days.

Debts often arise from a combination of different causes. These can be events, but knowledge, skills and behavior are also decisive.


“I have tried twice in the past to sign up for debt counseling, but in the end I didn’t dare. Everyone in my neighborhood knows each other. There are people who work for debt counseling that I know. Girls my age. Fortunately, I was able to agree a payment arrangement with the bailiff so that I can stay in my home for the foreseeable future, but I don’t know how long I can stick to it. On the advice of my niece, I registered with the Stichting Budgetcafé and I now receive intensive guidance.

The Stichting Budgetcafé helps to stabilize the financial situation so that you can breathe again and experience less stress. From that point on, we work together towards a solution, possibly in collaboration with other care providers.

How are you now?

“Together with my consultant, I went to the intake interview with the debt counselor. My fixed costs are paid monthly and my situation is stable. The debt assistance has submitted the application to the credit bank. If my application is approved I will be debt free after about 3 years. So I am waiting. In the meantime I stay motivated.

Although I don’t know yet what the Kredietbank’s decision will be, I have already achieved so much. My bills are paid on time, no new debts, no bailiffs at the door or annoying mail, no cupboards full of unopened mail and guidance that I can always turn to. I have peace and consciously deal with that part that is destined to live on. I’m not there yet but I’m definitely on my way. My administration is no longer the nightmare that keeps me awake. I am determined to work towards a debt-free existence.”

Everyone is welcome at Stichting Budgetcafé

Regardless of the level of your income and/or debts, you are welcome at the Budgetcafé. Below you can see a number of projects on which we as a foundation focus extra. Are you curious which project is currently active? Keep an eye on our socials!

Do you not fit into one of these groups but would you like financial guidance? Please contact us to discuss what help is possible for you.