Financial assistance that suits you

Personal, accessible and goal-oriented

Have you lost the overview of your financial administration? Don’t you know how to pay the bills or are you stuck, despite the help of the municipality or other authorities?

The approach of our budget coaches, budget managers and administrators are different than usual. Accessible and relaxed. You can tell us your story, which makes you feel relieved. We understand that there always is a cause behind money worries. Perhaps you have run into financial problems due to divorce, illness or loss of a job. Or maybe you did not learn how to deal with money from home. Whatever your story is, you can come to us.

In addition to listening, we also immediately get to work to get your situation back in order as quickly as possible. This brings peace and relief. This brings peace and relief. In manageable steps we work on the best solution for, possibly in collaboration with other healthcare providers.

We will help you just as long as needed, until you can do it yourself again. So that you can stay financially build a stable and healthy future.

What can we help you with?

Budget guidance

Have you lost control of your finances and are you short on cash every month? Would you like to improve the balance between your income and expenses? Or are the bills piling up? Under the circumstances a helping hand of an approachable expert is very welcome. Our experienced budget coaches are friendly, easy to talk to and help you with the right personal guidance. Sometimes half a year of financial guidance is already enough to get your finances back on track.

Budget management

With budget management, we help manage your bank account and pay the fixed costs with your money. Such as the rent or mortgage, energy costs and childcare. You can spend the remaining amount freely. This way we prevent you from having money worries and debts piling up. We also make a personal budget plan to get a clear overview of your finances. This will prevent money fear and help you taking financial control.


If you are (temporarily) unable to arrange your financial affairs, administration can be used. The court will then appoint an administrator. This trustee takes responsibility for all your financial decisions, puts your finances in order and ensures that you do not run into new debts. This goes beyond budget management, where you remain primarily responsible and can always stop the support.


What is guardianship? Guardianship is a protective measure imposed by the district court and carried out by a natural person, such as a family member, or in our case, by a professional organization, Stichting Budgetcafé.

Everyone is welcome at Stichting Budgetcafé

Regardless of the level of your income and/or debts, you are welcome at the Budgetcafé (Budgetcafé foundation). Below you can see a number of projects on which we as a foundation focus on. Are you curious which project is active now? Keep an eye on our socials!

Do you not fit into one of these groups but would you like financial guidance? Please contact us to discuss what help is possible for you.