When you appoint us to be your administrator, we provide clarity, peace of mind and personal attention. We arrange your financial housekeeping and we request the necessary facilities, such as special assistance and allowances, etc. for you. We also ensure that your fixed costs are paid from your income and that you receive money for your daily living expenses.

We believe that a good relationship between you and your administrator is mainly based on trust. You hand over the responsibility for managing your financial affairs. And you give someone access to your personal and financial information. At Budgetcafé we link you to an administrator with whom you feel a click. Someone who can empathize with you, who makes you feel understood. We offer a listening ear and the support you need. We are also open and honest about what you can expect from us as your administrator.

Do you have money worries or financial problems? Contact us to ensure that your situation does not run out of hand (further). We will inform you exactly what administration is and what your rights and obligations are.

What can you expect?

You can propose Budgetcafé to the court as a professional administrator, or the court can appoint us as your administrator. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Use the contact form to register with Stichting Budgetcafé. You will then be called back as soon as possible by one of our employees. During this call you tell us something about your situation and we briefly explain how we can help you. Based on your question, we will link you to the right administrator and schedule a first appointment at our office.

Then we make a plan in which we record our agreements, such as the steps to get out of debt. If possible, we will help you resolve the debts yourself. Another solution for your debts can be that debt assistance is requested from the municipality. Many municipalities also make protective administration a condition for eligibility for debt counselling. This often happens when someone is no longer able to create stability themselves. We bring overview to your administration and transfer contact with all other parties (creditors, debt assistance and others), with the aim of contributing to solving your money problem/problems.

Want to know more about governance? Read our frequently asked questions.

Can I choose my own administrator?

Yes, you can choose your own trustee. Protective regime is something that you voluntarily choose in principle. However, there may be a certain need to go under administration. For example, if you got into trouble due to debts or addictions. At the moment, people are often referred by the court or other authority to a specific trustee. They then think they have no choice and agree with the proposed trustee. But even with a referral you always have the freedom to choose a suitable administrator for you.

Therefore, our advice is to always look for an trustee with whom you have a good feeling. Familiarize yourself with the different working methods of administrators. In addition to your money being managed, it may be that you need personal contact. Look for an administrator who can meet this need.

Trusteeship is serious business, but a good relationship and pleasant cooperation with your trustee makes the whole process a lot more pleasant. At Budgetcafé we are clear about your rights and obligations and you know exactly what to expect from working together.