For whom

We are here for anyone who can use help to get a grip on their finances again. It therefore does not matter what your age is, what your income is and whether or not you have debts.

The goal of Stichting Budgetcafé is to work with you towards a financially healthy and stable future. In order to help people as best as possible, in a way that suits them well, there are a number of target groups that we focus on. Thanks to subsidies we receive from the Oranjefonds for example, we are able to help these people free of charge with: training, intensive guidance, management and protection.

Below you will find an overview of our subsidized projects and keep an eye on our social media for new projects.

Even if you do not fall into one of the target groups below, you can always contact us to discuss what financial assistance is available for you.

Corona and debts

For many people, the corona crisis still has unpleasant financial consequences. If you suddenly have much less income, money worries and financial problems could be just around the corner. People who no longer have a no longer have their finances in order due to the corona crisis can register with the Budgetcafé Foundation.

Young adults and money

It can happen to anyone: you have spent too much or too little income, so you cannot pay a bill on time. Think of your telephone bill or the premium of your health insurance. With this project, the Budgetcafé Foundation focuses especially on young adults (18-26 years old) and works with you on creating a financially healthy future.

Single parents

Single mothers and fathers often have a lot on their plate. Sometimes it can all become too much, not only financially. We have started a project to help you as a single parent get control of your finances. In collaboration with other parties, we also offer social-emotional support and practical help.

A new chance

Have you lost the overview of your financial administration? Do you no longer know how to pay the bills or are you stuck, despite help from the municipality or other authorities? Have you been financially affected by the corona crisis and are you in trouble? Everyone deserves another chance. We offer help to stabilize your financial situation.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs

Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur and finding it difficult to keep your administration in order? Do you have less turnover and are you facing financial challenges? Or do you need immediate help with making payment arrangements? We offer you personal guidance and support. This is how we help your company to get (again) financially fit and to keep it that way.