Corona and debts

The effects of the global pandemic on society are still noticeable. It may be that you have lost your job or that you have to get by with much less income. What can you do if you are in danger of getting into financial distress or are already in the middle of it and you don’t know where to start?

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help. The sooner you ask for help with money worries, the sooner you can work on a solution. Doing nothing is not an option, then the problems and bills will only pile up. Take the first step. Our budget coaches are ready for you and will guide you to get control your finances again.

“Asking for help is not a sign of failure, but rather a sign of strength that shows you have the courage to ask for what you need in order to succeed”

What can you expect?

Fill in your details via the contact form. You will then be called back by one of our employees as soon as possible. During this call we will ask you some questions about your situation, you can ask questions and you will receive an explanation of how we can help you. We also schedule a first appointment at our office.

During this appointment you can tell your story. Have you lost your (side) job due to the pandemic and are you facing a financial challenge? Not sure where to go for financial help? Or do you need help making payment arrangements? Whatever financial questions or problems you have, we will not judge and are ready to provide a solution with you.

Every situation and every person is different and Budgetcafé provides an approach that suits you. Step 1 is to ensure that we map out your entire financial picture, such as your income, expenses and any debts. Depending on your personal situation, we will start a process with you. We do it together and see what helps you the most. We have set up a special project for people who have ended up in debt due to corona. This is reimbursed through the municipality of Amsterdam. We teach you the skills to deal with money, to be financially healthy and (when things have gone wrong) to help you regain control of your finances.

This is how we can help you

The Budgetcafé Foundation offers 3 different services: Budgetcafé guidance, Budgetcafé management and Administration. Our experienced team of budget coaches, administrators and administrators ensure that you receive the help that suits you perfectly.

Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us via the contact button. During office hours you can also call us on 020-2440474 or send a message via WhatsApp.