About Budgetcafé

Stichting Budgetcafé was founded in 2017 and is the place for people who have financial problems or who can no longer see the wood for the trees. You can also contact us if you need financial or administrative help or if you are looking for someone to think along with you.

Unfortunately, anyone can find themselves in a situation in which you are (temporarily) not sufficiently financially self-reliant. In that case we offer practical help, a friendly face and a listening ear. Just like in a cafe, hence the name. You are not seen as a number or problem with us, but helped as a person.

Founder Natasha Dasburg worked as a lawyer. With Budgetcafé, she uses her legal background to help people who have or are at risk of experiencing financial problems.

Who are we

Budgetcafé employs experienced, professional budget coaches, administrators and administrators who have years of experience in socio-legal services. We are well aware of the laws and regulations and know our way around a world of bureaucratic rules.

We also work with an enthusiastic team of volunteers. To a large extent, these are people who themselves know what it is like to be in debt. They have received help in the past and are now using their knowledge and experience to help you. Unfortunately, there is still a taboo to talk about money worries and financial problems. So how nice is it that there are others who also know what it’s like? That makes it less heavily loaded.

The sooner you take the step to ask for help, the sooner there will be a solution.

This is how we offer you the financial help that suits you

What we do exactly differs per person. Sometimes a short period of budget guidance is enough to draw up a personal budget plan and give you advice to save on your expenses. For others, more intensive guidance and budget management is more appropriate. In that case, we can (temporarily) manage your bank account to ensure that your fixed costs are paid properly. In the event of any debts, we will help you to talk to the authorities involved as soon as possible. And perhaps our help is not your own choice and you have been given our name as administrator by the judge.