Frequently Asked Questions

You can register via the contact form. You will then be called back as soon as possible by one of our employees. During this telephone introduction you tell us something about your situation and we briefly explain how we can help you. Based on your question, we link you to the right budget coach and schedule a first appointment at our office.

Prefer to call, email or app? Our telephone number is: 020-2440474, or e-mail via You  can also send a message via WhatsApp.

No, we do not have a waiting list. After your registration we can start immediately.

In the municipality of The Hague and Amsterdam, we are a covenant partner of the municipality. The advantage of this is that our administrators can submit applications for a debt settlement directly to the Municipal Credit Bank of Amsterdam (GKA) and The Hague. We also work in the Amsterdam region, The Hague region, Rotterdam region and Utrecht region.

We can be reached by telephone on 020-2440474

Between 9:30 am – 11:30 am and 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Do you want to come by? You are very welcome! We do ask you to make an appointment in advance by telephone, by e-mail via: or via the contact form. This way you can be sure that an employee is available to help you.

The Stichting Budgetcafé is easily accessible by public transport. The Vredenhof bus stop is in front of the door. And we are close to the Haarlemmerplein bus and tram station and the ferry terminal at Westerdoksdijk.

Are you coming by car? Then it is best to park at Q-park Westergasfabriek. It is a four-minute walk from the parking garage.

For up-to-date travel advice, go to, or use Google Maps.

Yes, you are always welcome for a free introductory meeting. We can be reached by telephone on 020-2440474, you can email us at: or send a message via WhatsApp.
Or leave your name and telephone number via the contact form. Then we will call you back as soon as possible.

No, you don’t have to. We first look at your income, expenses and any debts. We start with a plan for paying off arrears. We also make sure that you have paid all fixed costs. After that, we determine in consultation how much money you will have left. Sometimes the weekly budget is therefore higher. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for you.

The difference between budget management and budget guidance lies in the degree of guidance and making payments. With budget guidance, we look at your financial situation and give you advice. We provide the tools and you do the work, such as making payments for rent or other fixed costs.

With budget management, we manage your money and, for example, also ensure that all bills are paid.

The main difference between budget management and protective administration is that budget management is a direct agreement between you and Budgetcafé. You can stop this collaboration whenever you want. Protective administration is a measure that is pronounced by the court at your request and is laid down in a decision. The Court will therefore also have to lift the administration. Administration offers a solution for anyone aged 18 or older who, due to old age, illness, psychological or problematic debts, is no longer able to take care of part or all of his financial affairs.

You can indicate to the court yourself who you want as an administrator. We also really advise you to always investigate yourself who you choose as an administrator. Choose an office or administrator that suits you best in terms of working method.

Not everyone from your environment can just become your administrator. It is important that this person is reliable and competent, which is why there are legal requirements for who can become an administrator. In the Netherlands, for example, the administrator can be a family member, friend or acquaintance, but it can also be a professional administrator. The administrator must be of age and may not be placed under guardianship or administration. Furthermore, the administrator may not have a criminal record and he/she must have sufficient knowledge of financial matters. Additional requirements also apply to professional administrators and they must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Stichting Budgetcafé works with a number of professional administrators. We are registered on a list of registered protection administrators drawn up by the Court (read: the subdistrict court judge). Feel free to request a no-obligation introduction to see if our way of working suits you.

Yes, you certainly have something to say yourself. The Municipality may make protective administration a condition for debt counselling. However, you are not obliged to go along with it. You can always look for a suitable administrator for you yourself and we also advise you to choose someone yourself.

No, the organization and provision of debt assistance is the responsibility of the municipality. We are a covenant partner in Amsterdam. This means, among other things, that we are allowed to submit an application to the Municipal Credit Bank of Amsterdam (GKA) for our clients with debts.

This depends on your personal situation, your budget (income and expenditure) and the amount of any debts. Regardless of the level of your income and / or debts, you are welcome. During a call, you tell something about your situation and we briefly explain how we can help you through guidance, management or administration. Based on your question, we will match you with the right person and schedule an appointment at our office.

Yes! Do not wait any longer and contact us or the Municipality as soon as possible. You can reach us by phone at 020-2440474.

Is your question not listed in the FAQ section? Or do you not quite understand the answer? No problem at all, please contact us. During office hours you can call us on 020-2440474 or send a message via WhatsApp. We will be happy to help you further.

You can also fill in our contact form.