Budget management

Not everyone manages to pay their monthly fixed costs on time. There can be many reasons why this is (temporarily) not possible or why you cannot do it yourself. For example, because you suddenly have less income, or because you have to deal with higher costs, such as more expensive groceries or higher energy prices.

Money worries and financial stress cause you to worry a lot and may even lie awake at night. With Budgetcafé management we bring peace to the tent and we take care of your financial administration. Our budget managers help you build your future. Our intensive guidance brings overview of your financial and personal situation, so that you can relax a bit. We really do it together, according to a plan so that you can later do it yourself again.

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”

– Misty Copeland

How does budget management work?

Use the contact form to register with Stichting Budgetcafé. One of our employees will call you back as soon as possible. During this meeting you will tell us something about your situation and we will tell you what the options are. Based on your question, we link you to the right budget coach and schedule a first appointment at our office.

During this extensive appointment there is plenty of room for your story. We look at your current financial situation and discuss whether there are payment arrears that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Every person and situation is different. Budgetcafé provides a personal, tailor-made approach. We do not judge and work with you to find a solution.

With budget management we manage your bank account and pay the fixed costs with your money. Consider, for example, the rent or mortgage, energy costs and other fixed costs such as childcare, insurance and subscriptions. That may sound exciting or strict, but that’s not too bad. You will receive intensive guidance and a lot of explanation and support. This prevents any money worries or debts from getting bigger. We also make a budget plan to get a clear overview of your finances and teach you how to handle your money in a smart way. This will help you to take up your finances independently in the future. This is achievable for most people. And when we help you, you can always watch with us, so that you know exactly how you stand. After all, it remains your money and your financial administration.

Budget management benefits

For whom?

Budgetcafé Beheer is suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to divide their income and for whom only guidance is too non-committal. Budget management can therefore be a solution for you if, in addition to guidance, you also need someone who ensures that your fixed costs are paid on time, you build up a piggy bank and have enough money left to live on. There are a number of target groups that we pay extra attention to:

Is budget management free?

Budgetcafé management and Budgetcafé guidance are both services on a voluntary basis. You can contact us without obligation to get help from one of our experienced budget managers.

The introductory meeting is free. We then draw up a cooperation agreement between you and Stichting Budgetcafé based on your personal situation. This states exactly what the costs of budget management are. If you cannot afford the management yourself, we will check whether you are eligible for a subsidy. In some cases you can, for example, be reimbursed for the costs by the municipality, the bank or even by your employer. It takes courage to ask for help. Therefore we always provide a solution so that you can use our budget management.

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