Young adults and money

From the age of 18 you suddenly get more financial responsibilities. For example, you are obliged to take out your own health insurance, you have to file an annual tax return and you may have to deal with study and living costs. You can also be in debts from the age of 18 and take out a loan. That’s a lot of extra responsibilities. Not everyone learns how to handle money wisely as a child, which can cause questions and even financial problems later in life.

Do you always have a few days of month left at the end of your salary? Or are you in debt and don’t know how to get rid of it? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can find out what you need. Sometimes it seems worse than it is. Our budget coaches look at your situation together with you and help you gain an overview of your finances.

“Don’t let money run your life, let money help run your life better”

– John Rampton

What can you expect?

Fill in your details via the contact form. One of our employees will call you back as soon as possible. We will then ask you some questions about your situation, you can tell us something about your situation or questions and you will receive an explanation of how we can help you. We also schedule a first appointment at our office.

During this appointment you can tell your story. Have you borrowed money for a new telephone, driving lessons or a scooter and are you unable to repay the loan? Do you buy stuff, even if you don’t actually have the money for it at the time? Or are you unable to make ends meet despite your part-time job? Whatever money questions or financial concerns you have, we do not judge and are there to provide a solution with you.

Every situation is different and Budgetcafé provides an approach that suits you. The first step is to ensure that we get a clear picture of your entire financial picture, such as your income, expenses and any debts. Depending on your personal situation, we will start a process with you. We do it together and see what helps you the most. We have also set up a special project: “From young to financially mature”. We teach you the skills to deal with money, to be financially healthy and (when things have gone wrong) to help you get a grip on your finances again.

The 3 ways we can help you

Stichting Budgetcafé has 3 different options: Budgetcafé guidance, Budgetcafé management and Administration. We make sure that you get the help that suits you best.

Do you want to know what we are able to do for you? Contact us via the contact button. You can also call us on 020-2440474 or send a message via WhatsApp.