Highly educated and in financial trouble

This is Jelle's story. He falls into the highly educated category with a social security benefit and problematic debts. He is dependent on the help of debt counselling. Then the debt counselor informs him that he will only receive help if he agrees to a protective order. A protective administrator is being appointed by the debt counselor.

“I am Jelle, 37 years old and highly educated. I have a permanent contract for 2 days a week in a position that has nothing to do with my education. There is over-qualification. I will do everything I can to find a job for the remaining 24 hours, or a job that matches my education. I apply daily. After a long hesitation, I finally came to the conclusion that I should apply for social assistance benefits for the bridging period. If only to be able to pay my fixed costs.”

“A while ago I registered with debt counseling because my debt burden is so great that I can no longer solve it myself. In addition, I have a huge hole in my hand. I make financial decisions that I cannot afford. After going through my bank statements, that is also what the debt counselor concludes. She immediately sets the condition that I must be placed under protective order if I want help from the municipality. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that I was not allowed to choose my own administrator.”

“If I do have to have a protective administrator, don't I have the right to choose who that will be?”

Protection administrator

“So stubborn that I am, I approached an administrator myself, someone at Stichting Budgetcafé. I have known the Budgetcafé for a while because they guide me. They have submitted the application for administration to the Court. During the hearing I submitted the condition of the debt counselor to the Subdistrict Court. He emphasized that I can indeed choose my own administrator. This was very uplifting. I am convinced that a trusted, casual relationship makes a positive contribution to my goal of working on my debts. In addition, I think it is very important that I click with my administrator.”

Stichting Budgetcafé

In the beginning, the Budgetcafé consultant accompanied me to all important appointments, including the new intake with the debt counselor. The fact that I’m not alone feels very nice. Because I have been guided by the Budgetcafé for quite some time, I wanted nothing more than to continue this relationship. The Budgetcafé has been very clear from the start. If I’m aiming for a debt-free existence, my motivation is of the utmost importance. I still receive the guidance I already received, even now that I am under administration. I speak and see my administrator regularly and I am well aware of what is going on. There is no lack of motivation, I’m going to fight this fight and get out of it!

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